Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! I guess this has been a retailers dream....Valentine's Day on a Sunday! I know Dan started it off with a bang. He came home Friday night with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Yellow roses, of course. That's been the Valentine's tradition since 2002, the first time he ever sent me flowers. He also gave me and Alia a sterling Silver heart necklace, one created by Lori at Spinelle in Napa. Lori is the jeweler who designed my engagement ring. She is only making 100 of the necklaces, each one is numbered. Their website is Then we went out to eat Saturday night at Macaroni grill. The wait was horrendous but we spent part of it at Barnes and Noble and I bought a copy of Somerset Studios Artful Blogging magazine. I am officially inspired! The today we have just schmoozed around...napping, reading and eating heart shaped brownies. Yummie!

I am going to try and post some photos on the page, wish me luck!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl 2010

I usually watch the Superbowl (Super Bowl?) just because, well, because it's seems like the cultural thing to do. I don't care at all about football. I am the quintessential fair weather fan and proud of it. I just want to watch a winner. So, anyway, this year was weird. It seemed like the commercials were just non-stop. I felt like I was watching Football MTV.....they played football for a few minutes then it switched to a commercial, then back to football. Just seemed very indicative of the way we're entertained now. I actually enjoyed it more! *sigh*