Monday, June 7, 2010

Art weekend

This last weekend was a very arty weekend! I finished up an angel picture I have been working on for a week. I think this may be the one I show to the ladies at The White Rabbit who have expressed an interest in my art. I am very hesitant to take anything up there, afraid that they will not see it as legitimate "art". I have gotten many positive reactions to my paintings but I always wonder if folks are just being nice. I'd hate that! Part of me feels like, "Hey, this is what I do and I enjoy it so if you like it, wonderful. If not, that's cool, too."  The other part of me just wants to curl up with embarrassment. I think maybe I'm just too full of myself....really, is it that big a deal? Dan has totally encouraged me to go for it...he's proud of my work and thinks it's beautiful. I need to take some photos so I have it to post.

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