Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everyday adventures

I was out today running errands before I had to pick my mom up to go to the library. As I was coming out of Old Tyme Pottery Barn, I noticed a huge banner advertising the Grand Opening of an Oriental Grocery store. I decided, what the heck, this should be interesting.
Which it totally was! There were bins and bins of produce that I never
seen before. There was a deli, with squid and octopus, as well as dried seaweed. There were about 20 kinds of tofu available....Publix has three. The bakery food was even exotic. There was a place to purchase fresh fish...I mean, really fresh fish....they had them in tanks! The colors seemed so vibrant on the packaging. I'm sure our grocery stores probably look just as colorful but I really have never noticed.

I loved the names of things.... Happy Promise Choco Pie. Makes you think something wonderful will happen as soon as you bite it. Much like Willie Wonkas golden ticket.
While I was busy taking photos of everything, I noticed this guy following me around the store. He looked like maybe he owned the place and wasn't so sure why I was taking photos of food. I get that reaction about a lot of the photos I take! Anyway, he followed all the way to the checkout counter. I was waiting to see if he was going to ask about the pictures, but I guess he thought I was harmless.

I'm not really sure about Red Bean and Mung Bean popsicles. If I had been able to go straight home, I probably would have bought some of these, just to try. I'm sure I'll be back.


  1. You are much braver than I am! LOL I DO NOT experiment much with food

  2. So funny, Robin! Up until I was 40, I was the pickiest eater ever. Then, all of a sudden, I became adventurous. Maybe THAT was my mid-life an expensive sports car. :)