Monday, July 12, 2010

Finding treasures

Yesterday I was somewhat desperate to get my back porch cleaned out before my in-laws come for a visit today. We have a wicker table and chairs out there that I just have never really loved. I got it for $20 bucks at a garage sale and so, felt like it was good enough. The problem was, it was really too big for the size of our lanai and it just collected dirt. Last summer, I had big plans to re-paint it. That never happened. Soooo, it was late Sunday afternoon and the garbage collection is Monday. I debated on whether or not the garbage collectors would actually take it. Dan suggested we just put it out by the curb with a FREE sign on it. I wondered if this would work, as it was getting dark and our street doesn't have a whole lot of traffic. But, hey, it was worth a try. We drug it out to the curb, cushions and all. I was picking up some other trash and went around the corner about 10 minutes later. There was a gray pickup truck at the curb loading up the set. They even took the cushions! I was ecstatic. Not only did I get rid of my "problem" but someone else was feeling happy that they found a treasure. What a total win-win! I love it.


  1. Is it silly to get so excited about something like that? Probably but there was something so perfect about it that I couldn't help it. :)

  2. my favorite way to recycle. some may call it tacky but i call it thoughtful:)
    good for you!