Thursday, July 15, 2010

Walk in Ybor

I walked down to Centro Ybor today for lunch. I usually see something interesting while walking along the red brick roads. I came across this example of guerrilla art stenciled on the sidewalk and couldn't resist snapping a quick picture. It made me think, although I couldn't come up with any real explanation of what it could mean. Any ideas?


  1. I love coming across these little pieces of art that make you stop and think. I remember a few weeks back now where I saw a poster advertising a benefit concert for Haiti here in Germany and I thought to myself "look at the world rallying together..."

  2. I work in an area of Tampa called Ybor City. It's very quirky and historical but I see lots of funky things when I walk around. I think my next project will be to do something myself, maybe leave a picture or something somewhere. I'd love to be the one who caused someone to go "hey, look at that!".