Friday, July 2, 2010

When we were touring around the island of St. Kitts, there were signs like this with similar sayings posted along the road. I questioned our guide, Royston, about them and he said that local churches were responsible for posting them. They were all concerned with the idea of fostering community. I didn't take photos of all the other signs (because Royston was flying around the island like a madman!). I went to do a search about the signs, hoping to find out who or what was behind them. I didn't discover much but I did discover that this is the beginning of the "The Four Way Test" used by the Rotary Club (which, by the way, has chapters all over St. Kitts!).
The Four Way-Test
“Of the things we think say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?”

So, regardless of who posted these and what thier intent was, I know they got me to thinking about them. I love the idea behind this and hope to remember this next time I am tempted to speak up about something.

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