Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy to be a girl

Yesterday was the kind of day that makes you happy to be a girl! It was the day the cleaning fairies descend on the house. I love coming home to a clean house, especially one I didn't have to clean. I struggled for years with this concept and have had help on and off. There's that evil gremlin part of me that argues that real women have it together enough to keep their house clean without using hard-earned cash to accomplish it. But truly, my real thought on the matter is.....I dislike cleaning the house (although I love a clean house). If I can pay someone else to do it, why not? I can also add, I feel good that I am providing a job for someone. Maybe that's a cop-out but it doesn't feel like one. So, back from my guilt ridden rant and on to why it feels good to be a girl.....

I also had a pedicure yesterday. Alia, Breanne and I went and got our "piggies" done. I love it. Again, I have a love/hate relationship with acrylic nails (maybe I'll talk about that dysfunction some day) but getting a pedicure? Pure bliss, no guilt!

Third and final, "gotta love being a girl" moment.... unexpected flowers from Dan! What sweet surprise. Gorgeous as usual. He goes to this florist in Polk County (yeah, who da guessed!) who uses a beautiful mix of unusual flowers. This one had lots of sunflowers, which my DH knows I love.

So there you have it, all in one day. How lucky is THAT?


  1. I too am happy to be a girl!! Hey we only live once....get your house cleaned when you can and have those pedicures!! Its so wonderful coming home to a clean frees you up in so many other ways. Pedicures? OMG to die for. Don't feel deserve it!! Hug....Ronnie

  2. Thanks for the comment love! It's such a journey, learning to overcome some of those notions that we hold in our heads.