Sunday, August 1, 2010

Loving what is....

Dan and I have been talking over where we want to go next. Both of us feel that we don't want to stay in Florida, we want to live somewhere that we love, a place that makes our hearts sing with the beauty of nature. We've talked about living in different places for a time, just to experience the lifestyle. Our imaginations are rich.... Barcelona, Tuscany, Costa Rica, North Carolina, California..... we aren't too picky. Well, I am. I can't imagine myself somewhere cold and snowy. I really am a southern girl. I'd rather "glow" than shiver. We'll be taking my first European trip in a few weeks (six!) and I am excited to see how I feel in the places that, up until now, I've only fantasized about. I feel so much that I am struggling to break out of the cocoon, getting anxious for what the next chapter holds.

That said, the other night I was walking by the family room and glimpsed a shot of crimson through the window. I stepped outside to the most gorgeous sunset. I called for Dan and grabbed the nearest camera (my quick shot one, not the best for taking great shots, but you get an idea of how beautiful it was!). We both stood there and just breathed in the beauty of God's creation. He truly is the greatest artist, His colors are brilliant, shades I can only dream of, and He always catches the light exactly. Ahhhhh, just so perfect! And it came to me that I need to quit wishing this time away. The beauty is there, I just need to look around me. The future will be here, we will move into the next adventure but in the meantime....oh, the sunsets there are to behold.


  1. We used to be the same way, always dreaming of the next place, car, house, etc...
    then God convited us. True peace if found when you are living with God in the now. But I woulda liked to see that sunset:)I am posting about this very topic tommorrow...stop over.

  2. WOW! Beautiful. We should dream big. It is important to keep our hearts in Gratitude with what we have or are. I wrote a post with the title: "Enjoy the Ride" with Gratitude". Keep following your dreams..while you " Enjoy the Ride"