Friday, September 3, 2010

The Hurricane Wedding Memories

Today makes 6 years since we "officially" joined our lives and those of our families. While I love the fact that we're married, memories of the "hurricane" wedding still bring me close to tears. Except that, as always, the love of family and friends brought me through. That is the real take-away message from any storm that I have weathered. I am loved....and those who love me, are always there for me! They listen to my rants, make me laugh through the tears, clean up my messes and then usher me through to a new chapter. Maybe that's why we need storms, so we can be reminded of God's love, shown through His people. So Happy Anniversary for Dan and Me and thanks for all you do to our families.

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  1. Hey friend,

    I will never forget your wedding. I thought of it as an adventure. I'll never forget removing everything red from my dining and living rooms to make room for all those pink tulips! And cramming all those people in. Don't worry- I won't mention the words you hate to hear:-)But in the end, you and Dan are a "Marriage Made in Heaven."