Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beautiful days

This past week has been so beautiful! It makes you forget about 95 degree summers and drippy humidity. It also makes you want to walk in the woods and just experience the beauty. Unfortunately we don't have much in the way of deep woods in Florida, unless you count oaks and scrub pine. A little fall color would be appreciated but really, that's not going to happen! My mom, ever the optimist, thinks the Rain trees suffice for fall color. I have to admit, they are pretty. So maybe if I squint a little, I'll feel like I'm in the mountains.


  1. Hello my friend, I just wanted to stop by and send a little love your way...

  2. beautiful days indeed! Hope your work is going well in the Art and Healing course. I have been reading good things about it so far; just had NO TIME TO JOIN IN. Love to you, friend...

  3. Hi friend...thinking about you and sending love your way...