Sunday, January 2, 2011


I love to take pictures of angels. Cemeteries tend to be the places where angels (at least the ones you can see) gather, therefore I have lots of photos of cemeteries. This one was in New Orleans. I always wish I knew why the families chose a particular sculpture to adorn a grave. This angel looks tired, he can no longer keep his torch aloft and I wonder, why a tired angel? Did the deceased fight illness long and hard and see death as a welcome relief? Or did they fight "the good fight", busy and hurrying through life and now were waiting wearily to be ushered into rest? At first I wanted this person to have a victorious angel, one with fire in his eyes and the torch held exuberantly toward the heavens. That's the way I want to see death, not as something sad and beaten but as a victorious end to a life well lived. A celebration of my arrival Home. But there's something to be said for rest, for the welcome opportunity to sit and breathe, to contemplate your days accomplishments. Mostly, I think, life should be a wonderful balance of all those things.... hard work, bustle and activity and time to relax and savor the fruits of that labor. Then death can be a celebration, because I believe with everything I am, that we will see our loved ones again.

I'm really not feeling as morbid as this post might lead you to believe.

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