Saturday, January 1, 2011

More thoughts on the red boots......

Yep, these are the actual boots.
Dan asked "Why the Year of the Red Boots?" I've always wanted a pair of red cowboy boots. It's really not a Florida look, but  there it wild desire for red boots. We found a pair yesterday....New Year's International Mall...where I never go. It had to be auspicious, right? I thought so, too. So on reflection, I realized it means going where I've always wanted to go but felt held back, making a bit of a splash (even if I'm the only one who notices) and getting a little giddy when looking at the possibilities. THAT's what red boots are, at least to me. What are YOUR red boots?


  1. i think anything red makes a statement.....and red boots really let the world know that you are "here".....i love it !!!

  2. Thanks for the comments. I plan to "savor" the feeling of red this year!

  3. PROFOUND! You can do it -WITH OR WITHOUT the red boots xoRobin