Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday afternoon crafting..

After months of not doing anything creative at all, I finally started some tiny projects. Valentine's Day started the ball rolling, an I've gradually been pulling "stuff" out of the craft closet, from under the bed and out of the drawers. Since the house is up for sale, and I want to keep the guest bedroom pretty, the dining room table looks like JoAnn's exploded on it. But so, so much fun! Here's some little bits I created this afternoon....


  1. so lovely to see your creative breezes blowing again my friend...xoRobin

  2. I would be much more inclined to buy a house that has crafting going on inside it - really! Maybe you could leave out these little snippets as gifts to those that visit. I am sure a realtor never told you that!

  3.'s feel nice, too!

    Pamela...funny you should say that! My husband said pretty much the same thing. He thinks that having an artist in the house, adds to the charm! :) You are so right, they would make lovely little "somethings" for my guests. Thanks so much for the suggestion...