Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!!

Hello 2012! I'm back at the keyboard and hoping to keep current in 2012 on this blog. We have survived the big move to Tennessee, so not only is this a New Year, but it's a New Life! Last year was the Year of the Red Boots....and those boots did do some traveling. Now, not only do I have red boots, but I have new black and brown ones, because Tennessee (unlike Florida!) has some chilly weather. I'm actually enjoying it, something this Florida gal never thought would happen. I'm wearing jackets and scarves every day. I still haven't found a job, it's been rather discouraging, but I have had an opportunity to create art. Dan is encouraging me to use this opportunity to start a new chapter as an artist. We'll see. It's a scary proposition but something I've always said I wanted to do.

This year's theme is DISCOVER... new home, new friends, new goals and a new attitude! (Cue the singing "I got a new attitude!!") I signed up for Stephanie Ackerman's year-long class Scrapbook Life Journal. I'm so excited about it.

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